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 Jonathan Park Volume 1: The Adventure Begins - CD Set-
We hope that you enjoy your exciting journey into the world of Jonathan Park. Each adventure is based on real places and scientific discoveries--all designed to build your faith. Join Jonathan Park, Jessie Brenan, and their families and friends as they combine forces to build the new Brenan Ranch and Museum, open a fossil dinosaur discovery, solve mysteries, explore hidden caves, and fight against the opposition to the spread the message of the Creator. The Jonathan Park project provides children and adults with scientific evidence that is in harmony with the Word of God. This is our Father's world, God created it; we can explore it, so live the adventure. 12 audio adventures. Over 5 hours of listening. 4 CDs.

 Jonathan Park Volume 2: No Looking Back - CD Set 

Raising The Allosaur, Video
Raising the Allosaur,DVD
What happens when a group of home school boys and girls travel to the badlands of Colorado with their parents in search of adventure and the hope of finding ancient treasures buried in rock? They make the biggest dinosaur discovery of the year. There, buried in rock, they excavate three amazing creatures, including a many-plated Stegosaur and 120-foot Brachiosaur. Most importantly, they raise from the ground what appears to be the most complete Allosaur (similar to a T.rex) ever found in the history of paleontology, including the monster's giant skull complete with rows and rows of once-razor sharp teeth. But there is more: The excavators find remarkable proof for a "recent" death of the dinosaur. Buried in and around this fully articulated dinosaur is the same unfossilized organic material which was present at the time of the catastrophic event which covered the animal. This incredible discovery points to the fact that the creature is not millions, but thousands of years old! Run Time: 70 minutes. 


Back to Genesis Conference: In the Beginning God - Audio Cassettes
Incredibly, one of the most damaging attacks on Genesis comes not from without the Church, but from within. Major seminaries and churches are breaking with orthodoxy and embracing the idea that God used the “Big Bang,” that the idea of a global Flood of Noah’s day is a myth, that soulless proto-humans predated Adam, and that God created a world in which there was millions of years of death, decay, and suffering before Adam’s sin. The Back to Genesis tapes address these and many more issues including the fact that dinosaurs lived contemporaneously with man, the issue of starlight and time, that the geological column was primarily a result of the catastrophic events of Noah’s day, and that the fossil record specifically points to a young earth. The idea of scientific neutrality is eradicated, and the fact that all scientists bring religious bias to their work and method of data interpretation is clearly established. Most importantly, the theory of animal death before Adam is exposed as a belief that strikes at the heart of orthodoxy by redefining the nature of the atonement of Jesus Christ. This is an extremely important series for those who hope to wisely defend the historical understanding of the sixth day. Over 9 hours on 9 audiocassettes in a sturdy album.

    Topics Include:
  • The Search for Noah’s Ark
  • Evolution and Racism
  • Dinosaurs and Man
  • The Implications of the Mt. St. Helens Disaster
  • Addressing Creation Compromises
  • Genesis as the Foundation for Law and Freedom
  • The Fossil Data
  • And much more...


What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? by John Morris
Send your children on a pre-flood journey through God's creation with Tracker John and his pet dinosaur, DJ, to discover what really happened to the dinosaurs! This beautifully illustrated, highly imaginative book presents a biblical alternative to secular dinosaur lore that will captivate your 4- to 9-year-olds. 32 pages, hardcover from Master Books

Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure
by John Morris
Is Noah's ark still on Mt. Ararat? Join geologist Morris in a daring climb up this ancient mountain to uncover clues and explore areas of reported ark sightings! With eye-opening facts, full-color photos, and revealing illustrations, you'll also discover the biblical view of the world before the flood, the age of dinosaurs and humans, and much more! 64 pages, hardcover from Master Books.


The Search For Noah's Ark, Video by John Morris
Has God preserved Noah's Ark for all these years since the Flood? How close are we to finding "the greatest archaeological discovery of all time?" Dr. John Morris, veteran Ark explorer has journeyed to Mt. Ararat thirteen times in search of Noah's Ark. Study the "mystery photo," the "unidentified object," the "Ark cave," the "boat-shaped formation," and other possibilities. Witness the archaeological discoveries, and ponder the implications of a potential discovery.


The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible by Paul S. Taylor
Children are fascinated by dinosaurs but wonder how they fit into the Bible. Taylor presents dinosaurs as a part of God's wonderful creation, and uses them to introduce kids to important biblical concepts concerning creation, the nature of God, Noah's flood, Christ's redemption, and God's plan for the restoration of paradise. 62 colorfully illustrated pages, hardcover from Chariot.


Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis R. Peterson
You are about to experience an awesome journey of discovery. This treasury of historic and scientific knowledge puts life-changing keys in your hands to understand our world, and its amazing past. Many people are intimidated when confronted by intellectuals who are trained to rationalize that the Bible cannot be trusted. So, lets provide answers from simple observations and profound questions that reach deep into the motives of the heart and open the channel to God. This book will help you discover the scientific accuracy of the biblical creation, unveil the fundamental fallacies of evolutionistic myth, and build unshakable confidence in the reality and power of God's Word.

Men of Science, Men of God 
by Henry Morris
Here's proof that scientists can be believers, too. Morris presents 101 short biographies of scientists who made pioneering discoveries and founded modern scientific disciplines, and who also believed in the Bible and in a personal Creator. Includes a short chapter on the revival of creationism. A must-read for all students! 108 pages, softcover from Master Books.


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