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We have tried to be very selective in the choosing the links we have listed here. Because a website is listed, however, does not mean that we fully endorse everything on that site, or connected with that site. Please use discernment!

Creation Science Evangelism Many excellent tapes and videos to strengthen the faith of believers in Christ and to seriously challenge non-believers to reconsider their beliefs.

Institute for Creation Research "A Christ Focused Creation Ministry." This excellent site contains a wealth of information on Creation Science and Scripture. Contains their online catalog of Creation Science books and videos, tracts and articles online, information on their publications, and more.

Answers in Genesis "A non-profit, evangelistic organization dedicated to spreading the truths of the book of Genesis through seminars, radio broadcasts and publications. In addition to proclaiming the truths of Genesis, AIG endeavors to show that a false view of origins (i.e., evolution) is at the foundation of many of our social ills. "


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The Merchant Maiden E-Book
by Crystal Paine


Rebuilding A Culture of Virtuous Boyhood 


What's a Girl to Do?


Read about the link between
crib mattresses and SIDS










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