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As the very foundation of the family is being attacked and destroyed in our current society we, as Christians, are also seeing the effects of this far too often in our own families. As parents, we have no greater desire than to see the salvation of our children's souls at a young age and to see them walking with the Lord from beginning to end, with no regrets along the way. To have an intact, happy home with father, mother and children all in their proper spheres, loving and serving the Lord and each other; to see our children raised up to honorable manhood and womanhood would truly be "no greater joy" for us. This must surely also be the heart's desire of every Christian parent.

Why then, do so many children of Christian parents grow up and turn from the ways of the Lord? Why are so many Christian families becoming more and more like the world? Why are so many Christian families ending in the same fate as our non-Christian counterparts? To our great dismay this is something we have seen happen over and over again.

God's Word is clear: Christians are commanded to be separate from the world, to be a "called-out" people. (And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Romans 12:2 KJV) Scripture also clearly, and repeatedly, states that there is joy and blessing for those who walk in the way of the Lord. However, under the subtle influences of the culture surrounding us, we can gradually begin to drift from the "old paths" of Scripture and begin walking more and more in the ways of the world without even quite realizing that it is happening. No area seems as affected by this in our current day and age as the home and family.

Is the father truly leading his family spiritually day by day? Are our wives and mothers "keepers at home"?  Are our young women being trained to be so, or are they groomed for careers? Have we bought into the world's views on children as liabilities rather than rich blessings from the Lord? Who is educating our young ones? With whom do they spend the bulk of their time? How do our young women dress? How do our young people behave?

We have felt the need more and more to re-examine these issues with God's Word alone as our standard and guide as we seek to raise our little ones. In our quest, we have been very blessed to come across many excellent articles, books, tapes and other resources that have been a great help and encouragement to us. 

As we have found such joy and excitement in learning about God's design and vision for the Christian family, we have wished the same for others. Our website is a collection of those materials that we have found the most helpful and love to pass on to other families.  Please visit our catalog to see our selection of books, or visit our articles or links pages for information and encouragement on Christian home and family life. Our desire is not to be an exhaustive resource on these subjects but rather to serve as a starting point. There are many excellent websites that cover these issues in much more depth, many of which we have listed on our "Links to Other Online Resources" pages. You will notice that many of the articles that we have listed are linked to "Ladies Against Feminism" and "The Vision Forum" We highly recommend a visit to both of these websites in particular as they are a wealth of encouragement and information and contain many more excellent articles. 

We hope to add new material on a regular basis. Please feel free to submit an article, article suggestion or suggestions for other resources using our "Feedback Form"!

Let us not be afraid to stand back and reconsider the way we live our everyday lives. Let us be willing, if needed, to return to the "old paths". Are we truly living as God has ordained? Do we know what we're doing right and why it's right? Do we measure everything by God's Word alone? Can we see the influences of the modern culture and how it's taking us away from God's plan, or have we become like the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water; gradually becoming so influenced by the culture around us that we don't realize the danger of our situation?  We hope you will find the resources we've gathered here as helpful in answering these questions as we have. 



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