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We have tried to be very selective in the choosing the links we have listed here. Because a website is listed, however, does not mean that we fully endorse everything on that site, or connected with that site. Please use discernment!

New Harvest Homestead "We want to encourage and assist Christians in rediscovering the practical skills and home arts which were once commonplace in our culture, but have been all but lost to the last couple of generations.  We especially want to encourage women who want to give the majority of their time and energy to their families and homes, in contrast to a culture where women are constantly on the go." 

Family Reformation Magazine "If you are looking for deeper values to instill in your children and want to train them according to biblical principles rather than trendy pop culture, then you are going to love Family Reformation magazine! If you value the blessing of children and are looking for support and ideas for training those young hearts, you are going to be thrilled with what you find in our pages!"

Hope Chest Magazine  A lovely magazine full of encouragement for young Christian women.

The King's Daughter "A wide variety of inspirational articles, rooted in Biblical truth and written to reach the hearts and change the lives of Christian women and girls around the world."

Above Rubies "Above Rubies is a magazine to encourage women in their high calling as wives, mothers, and homemakers. Its purpose is to uphold and strengthen family life and to raise the standard of God's truth in the nation." Subscriptions are on a donation basis. The website contains online articles, a weekly devotionial and more! 

Truth and Tidings  Articles and thoughts on Biblical truths, and news and updates on assembly happenings.

Words in Season "A monthly magazine for the ministry of the Word of God with accounts of work done for the Lord in accordance with His Word."

Homeschooling Today "Learning from the Past with a Vision for the Future"  A focus on not only the mechanics of homeschooling, but also the mission and metrics of homeschooling. Homeschooling Today is one of the most comprehensive home education magazines available, providing everything from unit studies and literature reviews to encouragement for mothers and leadership helps for fathers! A magazine for the novice and the veteran home educator alike, and a great resource for the whole family! My very favorite homeschool magazine!

The Teaching Home A bimonthly magazine, written by homeschoolers, devoted to a Christian perspective of homeschooling. This is one of our favorites. Update: No longer in print, but an electronic version is available.

The Old School House This is a beautifully done, quarterly, homeschool magazine, packed with information! 

Homeschool Digest In the Home School Digest, you'll find practical tips, simple suggestions and bold biblical challenges.

Practical Homeschooling Published by Bill and Mary Pride, this is also a Christian magazine that is written primarily by homeschoolers. It is very informative and contains many articles on the different teaching styles.

HELP for Growing Families Many helpful tips on a variety of subjects, including child training, blessing announcements, housework, and more. (No longer in print, but some issues are available online!)

An Encouraging Word Upholding the vision of a godly family.

Unless the Lord... "Building Up and Guarding Our Families in Wisdom and Dependence on God"


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