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The Merchant Maiden E-Book


The Merchant Maiden: Earning an Income Without Compromising Convictions
by Crystal Paine with Esther Clark

 Can a young woman work while staying under the authority of her father?

 How can parents guide their daughters to the right sorts of income-producing opportunities?

Drawing upon personal experience, Crystal Paine encourages young women and their families with Scripture, advice, suggestions, personal testimonies, wisdom, and practical ideas. Not just for unmarried women, this booklet is a treasure trove of information for any woman who desires to earn an income while still being a "keeper at home."  


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"Wise words, practical ideas, and a reverent tone are woven together in these pages to encourage and inspire young women on what they can do during those years in between school and homemaking of their own. As a mother who has been blessed with the world's best "Mother's Helper" for six years, I believe this is a must-read for every parent of daughters."

Mrs. Lorrie Flem
Mother of 8, publisher of TEACH Magazine, author and speaker

"Crystal intended for this book to be read by young ladies, but I wish every father in America would read it. She has given fathers a valuable tool in raising their daughters, as well as a ‘wake-up call’ to their own responsibilities. I suggest that each father read this book together with his daughter and study the principles and their supporting scriptures. Sadly, the principles of a daughter's submission to the authority of her father, and the father's responsibility in protecting his daughter are missing in so many families today. I thank God that Crystal has put into writing what many pastors today are not willing to teach from the pulpit."

Jeff Estes
Homeschooling father of 6

“A very biblical and informative look at how to make an income at home and serve the Lord. As a young woman I see a great need for this wonderful resource! The author's many business ideas and practical approach fills this need with grace.”

Shannon Grubb, homeschool graduate

"Crystal Paine has done a wonderful service to Christian young ladies!  We have raised our daughters with the knowledge that God's plan is for them to be keepers at home, but that never solved the problem of how to obtain spending money without going out and entering the workforce, or how to practically apply God's principles for their lives in this venue.  Crystal's book gives great insight, while offering many practical tips and ideas for which a young lady can gain an income while not compromising God's principles.
Thank you, Crystal!"

Sandi Queen
Homeschooling mother of 6, author

"The Merchant Maiden will capture the attention of any young lady (and we older ladies!) seeking to remain under her God-given authority, share her gifts and talents, and show servanthood to others. In keeping God and family as her highest priorities, she will appreciate the valuable testimonies, ideas, business and marketing suggestions, making an income, and most importantly, seeing God work in her life! This booklet provides both inspiration and direction for getting started!"

Mrs. Marti Ackland
Mother of three homeschool graduates
coach and instructor to homeschool speech students


Also available in printed booklet form from Covenant Wedding Source, LLC!


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