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Thou and Thy House, or The Christian at Home
by C.H. Mackintosh




We are delighted to once again be able to offer the book Thou and Thy House, or The Christian at Home by C. H. Mackintosh. Originally published in the1850's this little book is needed as much (or even more) now as it was then. I have read it, and reread it, and each time I am struck by a new and powerful point. It is so full of wisdom I'm not sure it would be possible to absorb all that it contains in one reading. In reading through the book to find some excerpts  to list here I had a difficult time choosing which to use since every paragraph I read was so excellent! While it is less than sixty pages long, every page contains a wealth of godly wisdom for Christian families. Written in a serious, straightforward manner, this book is a "must-read" for every Christian parent. After each reading I come away, challenged, convicted and with a clearer vision of our responsibility as parents before God to raise these little ones of ours for Him. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

Some Excerpts from Thou and Thy House:

"I never can form a correct judgment of a man from seeing him or hearing him in a meeting. He may seem a very spiritual person, and teach very beautiful and very true things; but let me go home with him, and there I learn the true state of things. He may speak like an angel from heaven, but if his house be not ruled according to the mind of God, he will not be a real witness for Christ."

"There is, I should say, a very serious error involved in a Christian parent's committing the training of his children to unconverted persons, or even to those whose hearts are not one with him as to separation from the world. It is natural that a child should look up to, and follow the example of, one who has the training and management of him. Now, what can a teacher make of a child, save what he is himself? Whither can he lead him but to where he is himself? What principles can he instill save those which govern his own mind, and form the basis of his own character? Well, if I see a man governed by worldly principles if I see plainly, from his whole course and character, that he is an unconverted persons shall I commit to him the training or instruction of my children, or the formation of their characters? It would be the height of folly and inconsistency so to do. As well might a man who desired to make an oval-shaped bullet cast the melted lead into a circular mould. The same principle applies to the reading of books. A book is decidedly a silent teacher and former of the mind and character; and if I am called to look well to the character and principles of the living teacher, I am equally so to look to those of a silent teacher. I am quite convinced that, in reference both to books and teachers, we need to have our consciences stirred and instructed."



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C. H. Mackintosh (1820-96)
C.H. Mackintosh

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