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Godly Manhood 

The League of Grateful Sons by Douglas Phillips

Living in Sodom: A Case Study Part I — The Protection of Daughters by Scott Brown 

Living in Sodom: A Case Study
Part II — Behavior Patterns of Fathers who Withdraw Protection from Daughters
by Scott Brown 

Living in Sodom: A Case Study Part III - When Daughters Lose Hope by Scott Brown 

Returning to Iwo Jima by Matt Chancey

The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy

The Final Word by Gregg Harris

Godly Womanhood

An Address for Mothers from an 1838 Tea Party

My Mother Never Tells Lies

Stay Home Mom (The Dark Side or Just the Sad Side?) by  Molly Aley

"You Don't Know Feminism"  By Mrs. M.L. Chancey

Created to be His Helpmeet-Three Kinds of Men by Debi Pearl

Response to Titus 2 Cynics by Mrs. M.L. Chancey

Exegetical Defense of the Woman as Keeper at Home by William Einwechter

Are You a Queen? by Mrs. M.L. Chancey

"I am Doing a Great Work" by Betty Burger

The Myth of Superwoman by Mrs. M.L. Chancey

Women of Vision by Mrs. M.L. Chancey

A Woman of Patience C.M.Yonge, 1880

Young Men

Articles for Young Men A selection of old writings for young men.

Prideful Young Men: A Warning from J.C. Ryle


Young Women

"Jennie B. and the Pilot - a Father/Daughter Love Story" by Mrs. Jennie Chancey 
 Free Audio Download!
We are delighted to be able to offer the message given by Jennie Chancey (of Ladies Against Feminism and Sense and Sensibility Patterns) at Vision Forum's 2005 Father/Daughter Retreat. This wonderful message is a loving tribute to Mrs. Chancey's father, as well as a clear and beautiful explanation of Biblical womanhood. Included is Mrs. Chancey's testimony of being homeschooled, going away to college, being indoctrinated into feminist thinking there and, finally, her journey out of feminism. Highly recommended, especially for young, unmarried women still under their father's roof. Gather the family together to listen (little boys will enjoy hearing the stories about Mrs. Chancey's pilot father)! You will be encouraged and inspired (and most likely moved to tears!)! This message is not copyrighted so please feel free to distribute it to others! Right Click here and choose "Save Target As" to download and save to your PC. File is 18.2 MB, MP3 format.

What's a Single Woman to Do? by Mrs. M. L. Chancey

Letters on College, the Workplace, etc. by Mrs. M. L. Chancey

On Not Going Away to College: Answering Objections by Mrs. M. L. Chancey

Sisters, This is Our Call  by Kelly J. Brown


Child Training and Parenting

Jumping Ship  by Michael Pearl
There is an epidemic of young adults jumping ship from their Christian upbringing to join the world's parade. Here is some excellent advice for parents on how to prevent this from happening to their own families.

Jumping Ship Part Two by Michael Pearl

Holy Scriptures on Honoring Parents

Sanctuary by Michael Pearl 
Protecting our children from bad influences...even in the local church.

Children in the Meeting of the Ephesian Church by Scott Brown

Cavities...and Lessons Learned in Parenting by Jennifer M. McBride

Living Parallel Lives in the Same Space by Michael Pearl

No-Fault Child Raising by Philip Lancaster

The Infant Manifesto by Michael Pearl

The Infant Maniwhatso by Michael Pearl


A Practical Time- and Money-Saving Approach to Grocery Shopping By Mrs. Mabyn Clark

Beautiful Envelopes: The benefits of using the cash envelope system
By Mrs. Julie Cunningham

Once- a- Month Cooking: How to Make Your Plan Work by Crystal Paine

Grocery Shopping With Lots of Little Ones (and Enjoying It!) By Mrs. Molly Aley

Home Economics: Fifty Ways We Paid Off Our House on One Income

Fearless Food Shopping

When He Loves it Clean (but You Don't Know Where to Start)--Basic Housekeeping for the Naturally Messy Wife By Mrs. Molly Aley

Family Nutrition 101  By Mrs. Molly Aley

Be Fruitful and Multiply
"The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing; but in our culture, we apply for a curse and reject blessings.  Something is wrong with this picture."  ~ Doug Phillips

Coming from  a Large Family by Kim Coghlan

Overpopulation by Kim Coghlan

"Mr. Phillips, Stop Having Children!" by Mrs. Doug Phillips 
An excellent treatise (in response to a critic) on the blessings of children.

Holy Scriptures on the Blessing of the Fruit of the Womb  

Excerpts from the Foreword to‘Be Fruitful and Multiply’ by Nancy Campbell
By Doug Phillips

An Uncommon Opinion on Birth Control by Natalie Nyquist

Why Do I Have All These Kids??? by Beth Jones 

Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?
by Randy Alcorn



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The Merchant Maiden E-Book
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Rebuilding A Culture of Virtuous Boyhood 


What's a Girl to Do?


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